MILK BLOOD HEAT *Book Giveaway*

It’s book giveaway time! Get a copy of MILK BLOOD HEAT by Dantiel Moniz ahead of the February 2 publication date. Just read my review (in previous post) and comment below what intrigues you and makes you want to read this amazing book (aside from the fact I just called it amazing). 🙂 Post a comment by Wednesday, January 27 at 10 p.m. and the lucky winner’s book book will be sent the next day. Thank you for visiting Buzz Girl Books and HAPPY READING! xo Liz

2 Replies to “MILK BLOOD HEAT *Book Giveaway*”

  1. I love your comment about being a “fly on the wall” when reading this book. To me, that’s intriguing since there are so many situations I’d love to observe without being seen. This book also sounds amazing since I, too, live in Florida!

  2. I an not a short story fan either -but the concept of “dropping in” on these stories set in Florida is very appealing and makes me want to read a few!!!

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